Saturday, 3 November 2007

Meet my new ride

Hamlet belongs to a friend of mine and he will not exactly be a new ride as we know each other from our on-off competition outings in winter 2006. I did some BSJA BN classes on him, went round Munstead xc course which was great and rode him a little when his owner broke her leg (ouch!).
Hamlet is a 15.2hh TB cross, Pre-Novice eventer and a sweet person. He is a very intelligent chap who gets bored quickly; a very skilled escapee who can unbolt most door fastenings, gates etc so he can explore the world.
He had a very quiet season this year due to some confidence issues but finished 10th in his last event at Pulborough in the end of September. We will be working on baby challenges over the winter and hopefully set him up nicely for the next season. I am hoping to work on his dressage too and, finances permitting, do some BE events next season.

The big bonus is that Hamlet is stabled at a yard where I teach so there will be less travelling involved!

Hamlet and I at Royal Leisure December 2006

royal leisure10th December '06

Hamlet and I xc schooling at Munstead January 2007


Talking about the dressage training - amazingly I found someone who stables her horses near the centre where I would like to train and is willing to lend me one of her horses for lessons. This is very much an arrangement in progress though so I will only confirm once/if it goes forward. There is a lot to be tuned in, for example the owner, the trainer and I will need to be available at the same times/dates and the logistics might also be quite complicated. I am therefore not expecting too much.


Suzie said...

He looks great! I'm so glad you've found another horse to ride - and will be interested to see the progress of your arrangements with the dressage rider.

Unknown said...


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