Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Different points of view

We had a decent amount of frost this evening and I shared the arena with another instructor as "my" arena is being resurfaced (thankfully!). We stood in the corner chatting, contemplating the cold and I wanted to be positive so I said: "Look G., this frost is so pretty, look at all these sparkles!". He looks at me, looks at the tiny sparkles shining in the floodlights, looks at me again and says: "It's fck**ng cold!!".
Not everyone is a deep-down-romantic-soul, hey? ;))


Suzie said...

I think Echo thinks the same as your friend when I suggest we work in this weather!

Dressage Mom said...

I'd have to agree with him. when you can see frost on the footing it's f**king cold!

And please be so kind as to come by my blog and pick up your award!


Mak said...

hahaa, that comment is becoming my soundtrack up here!!! I can hear it from morn to eve... sigh.
but yes, the countryside is absolutely gorgeous, when you can lift the face in the everblowing wind to look at it... if you're lucky enough to have a clear day...

Unknown said...

Echo - I had to giggle at that one ;)

dressagemum - thank you ever so much! You know your blog is excellent, always so well written!

Mak - I SO cannot wait for spirng!!!Your views over there must be worth the cold though :)

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