Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Sunny, sunny Wednesday

It was such a beautiful day today, one of those winter days when you don't really mind a bit of a chill in the air because everything is so illuminated by the lovely bright sunshine.
And I would really love this morning, with lots of riding, with no rush, with opportunity to stop and have a chat with the horses...if only I wasn't feeling so freaking ill!!!!
FFS how long can cold last. I am not impressed at all.

Riding was actually better than teaching. Once I started talking loud it gave me such a headache I would happily hit my head with a hammer or something in those lines. I was, however, impressed by my little riders today, gave them a few quite difficult exercises to do and they actually dealt with them very well.
Riding was a bit of a challenge, made me feel a little dizzy but it's always good to be in the saddle.
Managed to get through the day without removing my head by mechanical means.

I am now resting in my bed updating this blog, chatting to my dear friend who is making me laugh and cry, temperature finally down and headache's almost gone too (thank you paracetamol!!).

Here's me hoping I will wake up without temperature tomorrow, that the sun visits us again, and that life gets sorted in some miraculously positive way...! Not much to ask is there?? ;)

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