Sunday, 21 December 2008

Schooled this horse last week and wonder - maybe I should take it on...?

I have just been emailed pictures of the horse I schooled last week and the owner would want me to pop on the mare now and then to keep her in good order but I was just wondering maybe I should take her on and take her out and about...

The only thing I am slightly worried about is her size...I am not too good with too much of a horse and the owner has a bit of a problem with breaks and the strength of the mare so I am a little worried...well, you check it out yourself and let me know what you think (I might have a video to follow too). Click on pics to enlarge them.

So, what do you reckon? ;)


Anonymous said...

hahaha, that made me really laugh!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Nic! You mean she's too big???!!!for me!!!???

Beckz said...

to day I think you are definitely overhorsed there. At least a hand too big :) on the plus said with all that black on a black mare, you would make a spiffing highwayman!!

Unknown said...

Lol Beckz!

Mak said...

well, if you have trouble with the break, just take your feet out of the styrrups and put them on the ground... heheee... like kiddies with bycicles!!!
that looks interesting!!!!

Unknown said...

Te he Mak, will have to try that one! Will need good shoes on with sturdy soles! ;)

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