Thursday, 4 December 2008

From mainland...

After a bit of an adventerous flight I am at my parents' house stuffing myself with some food and catching up with everything that needs to be caught up on.
Shock, horror - everyone around is speaking Polish! I am finding myself mega confused (hehe), keep speaking English and people look at me in a funny way. It's not easy to just switch into a different language straight away (even if your native) after a year of barely using it.
It's not strictly true, of course I've been using it while talking to my family a few times a week but it's almost as if I got programmed into ONLY using it with family!
Anyway, I am getting there.
I'd only been here at parents' house a few times in the last 4 years, have to go through things I brought over from UK in the end of 2004! They stayed untouched for many reasons and I think it's about time I deal with them...
That's it for now, more later.


Anonymous said...

I'll be following your steps soon and be going home for Christmas. Trust everything is fine with you and I hope we'll finally find some time to catch up in 2009!!!

Maybe my wild mustang will be ready by then and we can do a race ;)


Unknown said...

Hey Stranger! Long time no speak! We shall definitely catch up soon! Enjoy the homeland :)
There is no way that old machine of yours will be faster than any of my horses ;)

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