Sunday, 28 December 2008

Sunday rambling

My secretary Cleo spent a moment this morning perusing my teaching/riding schedule and after I had it all approved we got outside to take part in a rather chilly morning!

It was still a very quiet day teaching wise. I think it will only take off again after the New Year's Eve. Not that we were complaining really, the staff got more lessons and the horses a bit of schooling.
Despite my clients asking for nice and easy lessons we did in fact go for a bit of work with some encouraging success.
I am experimenting my various crazy methods on P., young member of Sunday team, and she is getting better and better if I say so myself. She has a bit of a problem with stability of contact when things go a bit wrong so I popped her on the lunge. We constructed a funny device made of a leadrope and two sponges tied to each end and I made her juggle with the sponges at walk, trot and canter. It works wonders on making the rider more aware of what is happening with their hands in relation to upper body movements. It also improves balance in general and it's much more difficult than it seems!

And more random photos from today:

Exercising some of the riding school horses

My wild mount ;)

P. on K. - naughty pony!

My wild mount again, an ex-race horse reflected in a car's window ;))

And S., poor colicky pony who finally managed a poo in the end of the day!


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