Tuesday, 30 December 2008

End of year 2008..

It's a peculiar world. I walk through it like through a maze trying to find the best way out. Sometimes it is a jolly search for the best paths, sometimes the going gets tough. I have learnt that when I get into the darkest corners and when the map showing the way out has not even been drawn up yet I seem to meet people who matter the most.

Four years ago, when I thought I lost the track of many things essential for happiness, I found my soul mate who makes the rollercoaster - life - drive worthwhile...

The year 2008 was the first one when I enjoyed every single day of my working life. I tried to get 'a proper job' and even managed to stay at it for a bit but it seems it was only so I could truly realise what sort of work makes me happy. To realise I cannot live my life according to someone else's rules and standard procedures. Thank you to my fantastic friend back in Poland for listening to me and for being so unassuming and patient with me.
Ricky said to me last night: "You don't have a job. You just go out and enjoy yourself". This is so very true in so many ways.

In 2008...Thanks to a lovely friend and her horses I got to get a taste of affiliated Eventing and although it ended before it truly started I had a fabulous time (and keep my fingers crossed for more Eventing adventures to come).

In 2008...I finished my BHSAI exams which gave me a lot of confidence in my ability to teach riding in English.

In 2008...I got to "meet" a lot of lovely fellow bloggers!

In 2008...I peeled yet another layer of a big onion of riding education. I understand more, I feel more and I discovered how much more is yet there in front of me.

2008...was the year of me finally admitting to myself that I just cannot spend anymore time in London. I just do not feel happy here, do not feel myself and although there are places here that will always be very dear to my heart, very special and rich in memories I really want to live in the country. I feel like I tried and tried and tried to make this city work for me for the sake of keeping things as easy as possible and to compromise but all it does it is making me pretend to be who I am not.

In 2008...I received a funding towards my further training which gave me a big confidence boost as it confirmed that there are people out there who believe in my teaching methods and that what I try to do does matter (I am yet to spend that funding!).

It was a good year. In many ways it was a year that made me who I am walking into the year 2009.


Rising Rainbow said...

It sounds like a good year to me! It sounds to me like you're getting pretty grounded and that's a good thing.

Also you are so right about finding the most amazing friendships in the worst times.

Unknown said...

In many ways it was a good year,some tough events on the way but that's life hey? You probably know it more than many others...

Amazing friendships indeed...it's definitely been a people year!

Anonymous said...

good luck and all the best for 2009 and all it brings!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Nic, same to you, hope the 2009 brings a lot of success to you and Pebble Xx

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