Monday, 29 December 2008

I think I am going to train as a film maker, what do you reckon??

Let me tell you, I am having a "funny" time in my life at the moment...There are things that need to be sorted so I can get on with my plans and maybe chase after my dreams a bit more but those things are not that easy to put in order.
I would like to thank those who send me comments to some of the posts that are no longer on the site (I do sometimes post things for a very short time only for family and friends to read but remove them very shortly afterwards). I really do appreciate them and the reason they are withheld by me is that I prefer to keep some things private. If your comment didn't make it to the site please don't think I have ignored it, I did read it and thank you for your concern.

With all this in mind it's always great to have a bit of fun and I had a great ride on a fun horse as I call hacking cobs ;)
A little video for you all to have a laugh at. Also, say hello to my dear crazy friend on another fun horse. She had limited breaks hence a lot of wobble as my wild horse kept following ;) Do not try similar style of filming at home if you're only just learning to ride...Thanks for super ride today my dear.


And a tired pony at the end


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