Monday, 22 December 2008

Got to watch Olympia Show Jumping in the end!!

There are times when not everything quite clicks in as it should and that's what is happening in my life now. Experience taught me to make the most out of little things that do make me happy when the big things are lagging behind. Lucky as I seem to be sometimes...I managed to get a seat at Olympia's Grand Prix tonight. Don't ask how, it was thanks to someone who came up with a good idea and organised "a special re-arrangement" ;)
I probably enjoyed it even more because it was so unexpected. The Grand Prix was won by Laura Kraut on Miss Independent - super round, super jump-off, Mr. Morris knows how to train those show - jumpers that's for sure.
Second was Ben Meher on an outstanding Robin Hood W. That horse has a true power engine and absolutely enormous scope. It was a pleasure to watch their clear rounds. Laura was faster...tonight...I am sure we will hear more about Robin Hood very soon.

Every time I watch decent show-jumping live I know deep down that no amount of dressage, however great and beautiful is going to kill this simple, joyful and furious pleasure of flying with a horse that I feel every time I jump properly.

More on tonight's Olympia at:

And now I am going to write a letter to Santa...;) and post it on here once it's ready...a very special Santa letter...


Rising Rainbow said...

It would be awesome to get the opportunity to rider and horses of that calibre compete in person. How cool is that!

Unknown said...

It always is fantastic at Olympia! :)

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