Sunday, 28 June 2009

The downside of freelancing is...

...losing your income when clients cancel their lessons :( Short day today as my late afternoon teaching was cancelled but that actually gave me a chance to school one of the horses. Always good to sneak some riding in. 
Some very productive lessons today but the hot weather is staying around so it's quite tiring. I am looking forward to my day off tomorrow. Pain kept me awake for so long in the last several weeks that now it's almost entirely gone I am going to indulge in some sleep time! 
My aim for tomorrow is to write some of the lessons/lecture plans (ones that I need for my exam), spend as little time on my feet as humanly possible and read up on business management (again for exam).   
I have some more riders interested in the Training Days so I am now taking bookings for August. 


English Rider said...

It is standard practice to require payment if a cancellation is made less than 24 hours ahead of time.
Many schools make a discounted price for a monthly or bi-monthly session pre-payment, with an allowance for one make-up class per session if a client cannot be there for regular scheduled class.
All kinds of professions charge cancellation fees. You should too.

Unknown said...

True and I do but clients cancelled on time so not much can be done.

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