Monday, 18 January 2010

Back to work and bye to Pip

Pic.left: Smartie wants to share my tea ;)

I've just came back from the yard where Kingsley had his Physio re-assessment. Exciting news - there is a little improvement! Full report and videos in the next post in a moment.
First a little catch up on the last few days.
Despite of general trend of bad Sunday weather I seem to get yesterday we were treated to one of the sunniest, warmest days since Xmas.
Saturday was less warm but equally enjoyable and the first Training Day of the year went really well. I feel we are getting some more consistent results with P. now and all her hard work is paying off.
To say I am relieved to have my working days back to normal is an understatement. There are some worrying signs of the snow coming back this week and I really hope the white stuff leaves South East alone.

Should the weather stay kind the week ahead looks pretty busy. I am off to meet with another "Aspire Academy team member" tomorrow morning to start putting together a plan of implementing the Academy's programmes into real life scenario. In other words it's time to think about pricing and financial side of things which isn't my strength at all! If I could I would do it all for fun and charge minimal amounts which is why I need a good business head to bounce ideas off with.

A little insight for all interested

The Academy will run 5 Training Programmes:

1/ Aspire Equestrian Start
2/ Aspire Equestrian Foundation
3/ Aspire Equestrian Development
4/ Aspire Equestrian Performance
5/ Equitation & Coaching Training for BHS Exams

Each of these Programmes is made up of a system of rather interesting modules. All this have to be now arranged into a brilliant business plan that will allow the Academy to be both affordable and sustainable. Easy to decide, not so easy to implement. We shall try!

Pippa's Leaving Do

The very sad part of this Sunday was saying good bye to one of my super young rider and staff member whom I've taught for the last 2.5 years and who went from an all-over-the-saddle kid to a rider I would love to have on my yard to work for me.
Pip is leaving to take part in 9 weeks course at The British Racing School and I hope she won't love it too much and I will be able to retrieve her for some work ;)
Seriously though, all the best Pip and see you soon. (Here is a link to a thank you video Pippa did for me in January 2009: VIDEO ). I will miss teaching her and having her crazy presence around the yard.

The Leaving Do was rather funny and I do have tons of photos but not sure if they qualify for publishing ;) D. decided we should play this game where you have to pick things up from the floor with your teeth without touching the floor with your knees, arms, hands etc. We started off with a Kellogg's box that got cut away bit by bit and we finally ended up picking up a tooth pick...I managed to get to the very end but my ligaments and tendons are now so stretched I feel I could probably go on and pick something up from under the floor too!
My excitement about being so flexible was short lived when one my riders, about 3 more decades older than me, also got to the last round and did it! Damn.
Some fun and games with Suzanne's gym ball followed and I don't think I have worked my core muscles more for ages! I really want one of those balls!

Good Luck Pip!xxx

Pic.: Pip as we all know!
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