Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Time has come...

...for my probably most exciting and definitely the biggest project to start taking shape.
Please join us on here: ASPIRE EQUESTRIAN RIDING ACADEMY to hear about all the updates on the project as well as to be informed when the Academy's website goes live.
Keep your fingers crossed and wish us luck - it will be a difficult journey to get the Academy up and running properly and I will keep you all in the know about our highs and lows via this blog.

I am sitting next to my patio doors and, as I type, the snow is falling down with massive, fluffy flakes I am basically imprisoned in own house as almost nobody is riding and those who want can't get to the yards anyway!
Kingsley is put on full livery and having enforced box time too as there is no turn out and we can't get to the yard to walk him indoors.

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