Monday, 4 January 2010

Working From Home

I had an office day today spent on putting all my Academy scribbles into a PowerPoint presentation that I can drag with me and show to the people involved. It's been over 6 months since the whole idea was born and it has gone through a lot of changes. This is all thanks to some fabulous friends who don't mind taking time to let me know their views.
It will probably change a lot still before it goes live but I think we are slowly arriving at a workable scheme that is both exciting and realistic.
What really needs to be addressed is the financial side of the project. I am never that great at organising the money, if it was my choice I would do it all just for fun. But as the world haven't found Fun currency as yet I need to sort it all out.

I went for a lovely meal with Jenny, Mariana and Little Daniel with an aim to brainstorm the Academy's ideas and polish up the parts of it that are going to do the job. Little Daniel decided that glasses of wine are there for his toy lion and toy train to submerge in so it was a rather entertaining dinner.

Writing the content for the Academy's website is a mammoth of a job. It will be online in 3 languages - English, Czech and Polish (or 4/5 - if I can bully my German/Dutch friend and rider to translate the content;) and will be advertised in all these countries.
Keep your fingers crossed for possibly the biggest and most exciting project I have ever undertaken!

On another note, I have just agreed another shadowing day with Anna R-D this month so I am very much looking forward to that.


HorseOfCourse said...

Sounds like a month with some exciting projects ahead? Must be a good start on a new year!

Unknown said...

It's all very exciting but there is still so much to do and organise!
Can't wait though to start the wheel rolling!!:)
This winter is so harsh work wise it will be a good reward after eating soda bread for breakfast, dinner and supper!

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