Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Videos: Diagonal Imbalance and Vertical Imbalance



Unknown said...

Wow thank you for posting these vids!! They are all the problems my boy is having!! He had arthroscopy on both stifles Nov 08 as he was walking crooked etc and unequal in left hind leg and despite all that is still the same. Its taken correct schooling to help and these vids are everything I have been trying to explain to my vet and physio!! I shall point them in the direction of here.

Thank you and would so love to come to your academy with my boy for you to work with us straightening him and I!! Good luck with K too. Its through HHO I found your site.

Unknown said...

Ah thank you! Glad you found them interesting. Kingsley actually move exactly like that dog in uneven hindlegs videos!

Sign up to our Facebook site and you will know when we are up and running. We will be organising training session with a Human Chiro working on riders while I teach, it's amazing how these beasts crook us! :)

All the best to your boy.

Unknown said...

My boy moves like the dog too! His left nearside hind steps under his body nearly in line with his offside front! Wonky donkey he is!! Sounds like our 2 are the same as I am having many issues that you described on Horse and Hound forum hence me coming here to read back to September when you first had the problems with K.

Will join on Facebook.

Good luck!!

Unknown said...

Sounds very similar indeed! Do you have any videos of your boy moving?
I am kicking myself for not pressing the vet at the vetting (he was 5 stage vetted and I believe the vet didn't really say as much as he could have said as now that I know what to look at it's pretty obvious).

But what happened happened. I will know for the future and I learned more from this horse's problems in 4 months that I have had for good few years.
Just gutting as he is such a fab little horse and I would love to take him out and about.
We shall see...

Good luck to you too :)W.

Unknown said...

Sorry not got any video's but will get one for you when the snow has gone. I can see this movement to a more or lesser degree in every horse (and dog!!) I just wish I had known before my boy ended up having an unecessary operation!

I have since read the book Correct Movement In Horses which helped and Joni Bentley had some very good pictures on her website but she has changed her site recently and they weren't there last time I looked.

I now read everything I can that will help and like you am learning so much from my boy. I will be such a better.....straighter!!... rider when I have done too!!

Good luck!!


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