Saturday, 16 January 2010

I've never thought I would say that but...

Pic.: Kingsley and Pauline

...thank goodness for all this freezing rain! It's been fighting the snow slowly and as the roads are almost totally clear Kingsley could finally go out into his field. He was rather pleased to be out and after numerous rolls he had a good play in the snow.
It's a relief to have him out as he really needs as much turn out as possible now to keep his joints and muscles moving.
He is being put on MSM & Glucosamine supplements today and is back on his Baileys No 4. We've fed him chaff and hay only while he was stable bound.
I thought it was also wise to pop some mins&vits supplement while we are building up to the Baileys ratios which will offer him a balance diet.
In effect here is what he is on now:

Spillers Cool Fibre

Baileys No 4 Topline Conditioning Cubes (handfuls for now and we build it by day to his full daily ration)
NAF Garlic Powder
Dodson and Horrel's Daily Vits and Mins
MSM & Glucosamine powder

Info on MSM & Glucosamine:

All about Glucosamine and MSM
MSM for Horses

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