Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Guess what

It's snowing again. Also in London. I was suppose to be out of the door 30 minutes ago but the tube trains are erratic so I am giving it another few minutes. The mission is to get to the yard, ride Kingsley for 15 minutes and turn him out (yes!!) for a couple of hours while I am doing his stable but I guess I will have to see how the travelling goes.
Proper update on last couple of days in the evening. See you then :)


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your thaw is not there yet. It can't last forever--hang in there! Btw, the aspire site on facebook is looking nice!

Unknown said...

I know, it's such a pain :( Took me over 3 hours to come back home from the yard. It's just impossible to plan anything. But hey ho.

Thank you very much for your kind words on Academy project :) I am very very excited about it and can't wait ti finally get going with it!

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