Friday, 29 January 2010

Much Better - Photo/Video Update

Pic. Turn out today. Waiting to come in. "Bored now!"

Kingsley is recovering slowly from his latest trauma. I decided against riding him today just in case but the hematoma is almost fully gone from the girth area. There is still some thickening to the muscles but the vet said it might feel like that for a long time if not permanently.

Anyway, following the 'picture says more...' here is a photo update of the last few days.

The day after the incident (happened on Tue between 3pm-4pm)

Pic. Near Side View 27th Jan [The moisture is the Arnica Gel I massaged into the swelling]

Pic. Front View 27th Jan

Pic.: Near Hind Pastern - cut + puffy swelling running up 3/4 length of the cannon bone/tendons [the white stuff is the MSM Cream I put on in the morning]

28th January

Pic. Near Side View; swelling barely visible from the side

Pic. Significantly reduced but still there

Pic. Rear View of the chest from underneath (you can clearly still see one side of the chest enlarged)

Pic. The cut has closed up; not very visible as I took the photo without removing the cream

29th January (Today)

Pic. Near Side View (the swelling moved from the left side to just behind his right elbow)

Pic. Off Side View

Pic. Near Hind cut - closed up and healing well; puffiness of the leg almost gone too.

I bandaged him for the last two days to keep the wound dry and protected from dirt but seeing it heals nicely I left it uncovered tonight.
He generally seems OK within himself but was definitely a bit stiff the day after the incident. Judging by the amount of mud on him and the rug he most probably fell over after scrambling over the gate. I am just hoping he didn't tweak anything in his SI again :(
He went out for 2.5 hours today and was certainly pleased...:





Anonymous said...

Poor boy - he sure is accumulating his share of injuries - he seems to feel much better now!

English Rider said...

What a naughty bunch!

Deedee Williams said...

Great update. I'm glad he's on the mend!

cara said...

Crikey he really does get himself into trouble. but good to see the swelling etc is improving. x

Unknown said...

All on the mend for now :) He's normally very good out and gets on with any horse but the pony mare he was left out with doesn't like him one bit. All the other horses were taken out.

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