Thursday, 14 January 2010

Some more training and some thoughts on the future of this blog

It's been dreadful last 3 weeks work wise. Whoever is thinking about setting up as a self-employed instructor you'd better have a good winter plan b/c/d and e.

I am not even sure what is more desirable, having to work in this weather or not. Having managed some working hours a couple of days a week in the freezing cold I don't think I have ever longed for spring as much as this year.

BBC Weather seems to think the thaw is coming which is just as well or I might seriously have to look for another job.
Despite the cold I am going to go ahead and travel to Anna's yards tomorrow to watch her ride and teach. Very early start to the day for me, I got lazy with all these weeks of relatively little travelling.

Some like to say nothing happens without a reason and I'm just going to assume this lay off is here for me to have time to write the content for the Academy's website and really focus on developing the next steps for the project.

Talking about the Academy's is very likely I will be moving this blog over there too. I haven't decided on that for sure but it would make sense to concentrate on one online project rather than many. I also feel I should make it more professional and skip my silly waffle but then again, what would I write about if I didn't waffle? ;)

You see, part of me thinks that if I am to undertake this rather large project I should make sure I present myself sane and trustworthy...but then again, if I was sane I would be doing something earning me a decent income and setting me up nicely for a life on a secure pension.
But that's not very me...

Some thoughts will have to go into it and maybe a mid-solution will be found.
What do you think?


Jeni Walker said...

If you were sane would you have so many followers?

Unknown said...

Now there is that ...;)

English Rider said...

Three drops of rain and the California construction industry grinds to a whiny halt. In a drought they stop giving building permits. That's where I earn my living.
I shipped stone to a project in Utah and they put up a heated marquee over the whole pool patio area so they would not fall behind schedule installing despite the snow. Same planet ,different worlds? Can you set up a virtual reality experience of riding, a sort of flight simulator?

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