Saturday, 16 May 2009

A few showers and a bath

My day started awful with a journey on a diverted train which made me ever so late. Had to pay for a taxi from the station to be at work on time - not great.

Pic.left: Killing time snapping pics. My friend phoned too which made the mundane journey a bit more fun.

Apart from that though all went smoothly. Almost. I took proper soaking a few times due to the lovely weather we are having currently. It's a rain cloud's sense of humour perhaps as after each pour down the sun came out to dry the riders and horses out. Only to return and turn the taps back on again!
In a strange way it was actually quite cool ;) I know it probably sounds crazy but when it isn't too cold and if the sun do come back out I find those down pours quite fun ;) 

I had a lady who co-bought Benji with me on a Training Day today and I admit I worked her to the limits. She loved it though and we got some marked improvement in her light seat and canter work. Finished the day with a lovely hack with a fast canter - ponies loved it!
Benji behaved himself super for his new mummy and thankfully she loved him and enjoyed riding him (mad me I got her to part with the money without seeing the horse). Although Benjamin is very much a project bought to be sold on I was still a little worried she might say she didn't like him. No problem there though!
Unless something sinister comes up at the vetting on Monday, he will be given a day off to catch his breath after being chased and prodded, then the proper work will start. 

Pic. above: P. trying Benjamin for the first time. Proper photos to follow once all the sale formalities are concluded.

Following a few showers during the day I thought popping myself into a lovely, hot bath would make a pleasant change. My muscles are mega grateful now ;)
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