Sunday, 31 May 2009

I wonder if it comes with age...

I arrived home today to find that Rick had baked a cake. A Polish Cake. Cue my bewildered face when I saw it ;) Judgeing by the taste of the cake his Polish is much better than I thought!!!! Yummy surprise :) x
I wonder if it comes with age...or super long and rich experience...or both. This cool, patient aura, the feel you know exactly what you want your rider to do and you know exactly whether they will be able to do it or not. I wonder if it descents on an instructor/coach/trainer on one of those misty evenings filled with teaching and riding. Sits down on one's shoulder like a friendly butterfly, light and gentle and yet so real and so confident in its mysterious purpose.

I wonder all this as I certainly have not yet been blessed with such feeling! I get impatient with myself being impatient and I am annoyed with myself for being annoyed. 
I had a super day today, very very tiring mostly because I tried to pay a lot of attention to many things at the time and made sure there was a lot of improvement gained. I need to, however, find a way to stop being impatient if someone can't do something at a time. I want them to get that great feel from the horse when they do things right and I really wish for them to do well and get that super feedback from their horse but I don't think it's good to put such pressure on the rider. Many of them are very driven and love their little discoveries. 
As it stands I have to count to 10 many a time to stop myself from shaking them up a bit ;) It's this perfectionist in me who knows they can do so much better but of course we are not machines and can't perform to our 100% 24/7. Note to myself: be patient, be understanding and teach better so they can do things better!

We'll have some very colourful poles soon - can't wait to see the faces of the ponies when they finally get to work over them and jump some scream coloured jumps ;)


Pics above: Pip the painter and ice lollies eater.

Day off from teaching tomorrow but not exactly a rest day as we are off for more house viewings. I made sure I arranged the appointment for midday so I can sleep all morning!

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