Sunday, 17 May 2009

Windy Rainy Sunday

Found it mega difficult to get up today but off I went onto the patio to test the weather. Some shy sunny rays and quite warm. Good.
Got to the yard fairly quickly but by that time the sun was far gone! 
The rain just kept going on and on and on and anything I said to my riders got taken away with the wind. 
Ponies and horses were not impressed by working in such conditions and manifested it by spooking wildly at random items, noises we couldn't hear and shadows that weren't even there. 
I had my heart in my throat today.
All the riders ended up soaking wet apart from A. who managed to somehow order herself a 45 minutes of sunshine! 
I am upping her workload as well as challenging her with more demanding balance exercises as she is doing a Training Day in a couple of weeks. The best thing with having regular riders is that I can build up short and long term learning programmes for them which adds quality to the whole riding experience. 
We are now having a little more stretch through A.'s lower leg and her upper body has gotten much stronger.
The aim for today was to keep working on balance in trot rising and sitting and start developing coordination between left and right side of the body making them independent from one another and yet to allow them to work together. A. is a super pupil as she really tries hard and has quite a little talent too! 

My afternoon riders were less lucky with the weather and had to endure very bad wind. Mr Z. almost parted company with his spooky mare but stayed on and kept going till the end. 
I took my little people on the lunge today as didn't trust those hairy wild beastie ponies not to play them up;))
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