Monday, 18 May 2009

In vet language "positive" is not a good news :( - Benji's 5 stage vetting report

To say I am disappointed is an understatement but I guess that's horses for you. Benji didn't pass the vetting. It was very interesting to talk to the vet though and now I am definitely going to 5 stage vet any next potential schooling project. 
Money no object and if I had my own place I would still buy him to investigate the findings further as he is a cracking little horse but can't risk it.
When I bought and sold horses in Poland I always made sure they were 100% sound and did the job. I want to make sure I go by those rules here too. So many things has changed since I last dealt in horses and market here is so different that getting things right is my priority. It's such a small world that it only takes a couple of dodgy horses for the seller to lose their reputation. 
I don't just want to buy and sell - I want to make sure the horse/pony ends up in the best possible home ready for best possible future. 

So the search for a horse is on again...   

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