Monday, 18 May 2009

In vet language "positive" is not a good news :( - Benji's 5 stage vetting report

To say I am disappointed is an understatement but I guess that's horses for you. Benji didn't pass the vetting. It was very interesting to talk to the vet though and now I am definitely going to 5 stage vet any next potential schooling project. 
Money no object and if I had my own place I would still buy him to investigate the findings further as he is a cracking little horse but can't risk it.
When I bought and sold horses in Poland I always made sure they were 100% sound and did the job. I want to make sure I go by those rules here too. So many things has changed since I last dealt in horses and market here is so different that getting things right is my priority. It's such a small world that it only takes a couple of dodgy horses for the seller to lose their reputation. 
I don't just want to buy and sell - I want to make sure the horse/pony ends up in the best possible home ready for best possible future. 

So the search for a horse is on again...   



Beckz said...

Sorry he failed his vetting. Still better to know before than after you have purchased him.

Wiola said...

Thank you, yes definitely better to know now, there are so many things that can go wrong anyway that the clean bill of health is really the most important minimum I want to have in a horse.
Hope your mare is going well!

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