Monday, 11 May 2009


Pic. left.: Friend's horse playing with water after schooling

It was meant to be another house viewing day off today but in the end we cancelled as no property was really what we want. I am hoping the estate agents who look for our little house will get their act together soon!

Instead I had a lovely, relaxing day seeing my friend and reading some dressage tests for her. 
I reckon it's good to train your eyes on riders other than recreational/novice riders. When you are a beginner every mistake is obvious and very easy to correct. When I watch more experienced riders I try to see through what they are doing or trying to do, what effect it has or hasn't on the horse; how would I correct them if I had to teach them or what I can learn from what they do. I like to observe the horses in work too, figure out what sort of work suits them, how they deal with certain exercises and how what the rider is doing affects their way of going, both positive and negative.
It's more relaxing sort of observation than what I do at work, there is no pressure. I don't have to teach anybody, improve anything, amuse anyone, I am not responsible for anyone's progress but my own. And as much as I enjoy my work I also need those days when I can teach myself. Watch and let myself learn naturally. 

May is gorgeous this year. Watched friend's horse playing in the ford and thought horses are such fantastic creatures. They truly live in the very now. They don't plan their future or dwell on their past. Maybe that's why they are the most relaxing company that never judges you and tells you how to live your life.

I got back home and it was still so nice that convinced Rick to have a late evening picnic so we collapsed on the grass and stuffed ourselves with some Thai chicken soups ;)

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