Friday, 1 May 2009

Never go 20m without doing something...

Since proper, serious training isn't really possible for me right now I've been watching a lot of various video footage of riders I find fascinating to observe. 
The one I think is an absolute master is Rainer Klimke. 

Sports science has proven record of athletes improving simply by including imagery into their training so I hope that some of Dr. Klimke's brilliance will rub off onto me ;))

Watching truly superb riders seems to work for me as it really makes me think about what I do. What stuck with me was Carl Hester's comment I once heard: 'Never go 20m without doing something'. I try to keep telling myself this over and over again when I school on my own and it certainly works! (that is if I am focused enough to listen to my self - talk!).

Very pleased with Mad Ginger Thing today - still mad but we managed a reasonable amount of walking without jogging, her trot work was better than yesterday and some of her walk to halt transitions were much less dramatic than yesterday's (i.e. we managed to just stand still without her piaffing and turning ;). 
Wonder if I could buy myself a mad pony...;))) Shh, stop being silly. But maybe...perhaps...

Riding her again tomorrow morning. Keeping me happy is quite simple - I just need a little project horse to work with every day and I am a happy bunny. 

Thanks to my lovely mum I also got quite a few DVDs with plenty of equestrian shows footage she patiently records for me. My new little packet arrived last night but I got back so late after staying longer to help turning horses out that I was too tired to have a good look at it. 

I am now fully stuffed with my very own home-made pankackes - mega yummy!, stretching my tired legs on bed and going to watch the Las Vegas World Cup final! :) 

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