Tuesday, 5 May 2009

House Hunting

Spent entire morning today on running around Wokingham and wandering around other people's houses. We saw 4 properties and I must say, I love cottages! 
Although it's tiring and I ran like mad in between the stations to be able to be at work at 2.30pm, it was definitely worth to see a few places. First, it gives us an idea what exactly we are getting for what money. Secondly, it really makes it clear in our heads what we don't want. 
From the four places we saw, each had something great but some essential things were missing here and there.
One of the properties seems to be very close to the ideal...not saying much yet as we are still to have a look around...

We got given a Tenants Guide and I am now trying to get my head around all the fees you have to pay to an agency and all the requirements you have to fulfill! When we moved in to our current place almost 4 years ago we went straight through a landlord so all this agency malarkey is something new to me. 

And a very good me spent almost whole of my day off yesterday on revising to the Intermediate Teaching Test. I started with everything to do with flatwork/dressage. This is because I seem to teach jumping on feel (spent so many years at show-jumping yards in my teens and early twenties that no matter how stressful/demanding situation I am in I know I will always be able to rely on what I learnt back then) while dressage more on knowledge. 
This considering I got through the day with British Dressage Rule Book and a book called 101 Flatwork Exercises ;) 
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