Thursday, 21 May 2009

Where are all the houses??

I've been spending considerable amount of my free time on browsing properties and checking all the updates that are sent to me by estate agents but worryingly we cannot find anything that really matches the essential requirements. Very frustrating. 

On a good note - had a lovely evening yesterday celebrating Ricky's birthday, very relaxing :)

Rode a horse today which one of the yards I work at has for sale and liked a good few things about him. Not sure what to think on the price but I will keep an eye on him. 

Not much is happening at the moment, I am trying to revise to my exam as much as possible and...hoping for a Lottery win!... ;)



English Rider said...

As you have some time on your hands? I have tagged you. Instructions available on my blog

Wiola said...

Te he, ok then ;)

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