Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Are you a self-employed/freelance instructor/trainer? Livery yard, riding school owner?

Are you passionate about your job, experienced and good at it? Would you and/or your centre (yard) like to get involved in a quality training programme project? 
Do you live in Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent, Sussex, London - basically SE of the country?
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Really impressed with improvement in my Wednesday's riders. So rewarding. 
Ginger pony was a sweetheart today for most of the time (minus first 10 minutes when I had to ride in a group behind another horse and she was not impressed by such start). Took her to the woods and up a field instead and rode her around everything that was on the ground asking for lots of bend through the body. She is very stiff on the left rein and doesn't want to stretch her right side much so I worked on that a lot. This and on her accepting my legs on as that's something I find difficult with her. 
Then took her up the field and trotted her as slowly as I managed for about 30 minutes with plenty of short walk transitions and circles to get her to stretch down and out. She is now in a different bit, just a plain single jointed snaffle which seems to work so much better. She doesn't lean on it and is much more accepting of it. 
She was rather worn out by the end of that half an hour and rather sweaty so I thought it would be safe to have a little canter around and she was very good staying in decent control. Good pony. Had to then walk her for 20 minutes or so to cool her down which made me late for my next lesson, oops. Feeling rather guilty I worked the Uni girls quite hard, bless them. 
Someone rode ginger pony again afterwards in the arena with a group and from what I saw she worked really well (but then the rider who rode her is way more effective than I am). I personally find it very difficult to ride her in a group scenario.

Thanks to a lift from a colleague I had a lovely speedy journey home but feel really tired today, need more sleep methinks. 

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