Thursday, 7 May 2009

Riding a Lusitano stallion is somewhat uplifting...;)

A few weeks ago I was chatting to one of my clients and he said he would really want to bring his own horse for lessons and whether that would be ok. More than ok if you ask me! 
So today he arrived with this lovely, grey Lusitano breeding stallion :) They might not be big, might not be as impressive as some dressage horses and might not have the most 'correct' movement as far as modern dressage goes but I can tell you, there is some fantastic positive energy in those horses that make you smile like mad when you sit on them. 
He is an interesting horse as he knows quite a few tricks (like Spanish Walk) and is quite advanced in his training on one hand (tempi changes, half-passes, pirouettes etc) but the foundations are rather wishy washy. We mainly worked on creating some bend in his body today but the main objective of the rider is to jump him. He's coming back again next week. 

Ginger pony was very good on our woodland schooling session, well apart from one mighty spook when a deer appeared on our path all of a sudden! but then I always preferred horses that have some life in them :) She just makes me laugh. Got some nice trot work both uphill and downhill today with her really responding to half-halts and going down and out to the bit when asked. Canter around the field was also better than yesterday. She will probably be sold soon so I am just enjoying the time riding her before it's gone. 

I must make sure not to get my hopes too high the end of this month I am going to ride a horse which I might potentially be able to event/compete. Would be great but guess we'll live we'll see.

Are you passionate about your job, experienced and good at it? Would you and/or your centre (yard) like to get involved in a quality training programme project? 
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