Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Busy Busy, Summer BBQ and Dental saga continues

Barnfield Riding School filled up the air with the wonderful scent of summer BBQ on Sunday night. I taught until 5.30pm with the last lesson being with with Mr.Z who could not wait to dismount and start the party!
The owner breeds flat coated Retrievers (very successful at pedigree shows may I add:) and they were such a funny bunch. I also managed to convince Ricky to come so he got given a little stable tour. Amazingly I finally took a super sneaky photo of him too but I am not allowed to put it up, private person as he is. What a shame ;)
Anyway, enjoy some snippets from the evening:

My day off yesterday and I did a lot of tidying up of the house, washing, hoovering and moving things around as well as creating a bit of my own space for all the important revising to exams etc and planning of the Training Days so you guys learn a lot and improve.
The afternoon I spent on my dentist chair having had the second phase of Fix My Teeth adventure. Looks like I also convinced my dentist to come to a Training Day ;)

No long till I have to leave for work so I am going to squeeze some revising in and then off to teach.
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