Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Time to think

I like my little breaks in between my lessons. They are the windows I look out from to see what's happening, to think what I can do better, what was bad and needs improving. Self-reflection it's called in coaching. For me it is simply the time to think.
Even if it's just 30 minutes every few hours.
Spent a lot of those hours recently speaking loud due to the wind and today's Pony Day lessons seemed to have finished off my voice. If I had any good ear and could keep a decent tune I swear I could record some million dollar husky whisper song with my voice now ;)
Hope it gets better by tomorrow.

A lovely rider I taught at my exam on Wed emailed me to enquire about 4 days training with me. We only had half an hour at my exam but they improved immensly so I am looking forward to seeing them again :)
Still no exam results from BHS.

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