Friday, 31 July 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Thank you very much to for giving the Honest Scrap Award to me.
Now, let me think about those 10 Honest Things you don't know about me...(but do you really want to know..?;)

1. I believe in impossible things.

2. The first sport I ever trained (as oppose to recreationally tried) was long distance cross country running. I ran up to National level. Most of the coaching/training principles I use when teaching riding are based on those old experiences.

3. I am fiercely competitive...but with myself only. I actually genuinely like other people doing well. To the point I once cheated in a race so someone else could win it. I learned since that you just don't do this in sport ;)

4. I can be cynical which I dislike.

5. I no longer have a bad knee (one with ACL damage). I now have a bad knee (no ACL damage) and a worse knee (with ACL damage).

6. Once upon a time I had the best friend you can hope for...until I discovered the person was also my worst enemy. Life's lesson learned...

7. I received a few writing excellence awards of sorts. In my native language that is. I wrote a series of short stories nobody really understood (possibly because I wasn't making much sense;). The title was (in translation) "Wide Awake Hypersomnia".

8. I am very eclectic in my interests and know a thing or two. This helps me at work a lot. The only people I find a struggle to get on with are people without sense of humour. Generally - the wittier the better.

9. I have some very special people in my life. Those who walk into a room and make everything better just by being there. I have a couple of very special friends. Those who somewhat complete me and make me a better person. There isn't much I wouldn't do for them.

10. Well, apart from letting go of the last pancake. I adore pancakes.

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