Friday, 17 July 2009

Soaking up the knowledge

Pic. above: my rider on Intensive Training Day today. Kiran has been riding for 8 months and has always managed to have her sessions on dry days! How on earth has she managed that on this island is beyond my comprehension! Either way, she finally got to ride in the rain...and if you are to do something for the first time you might as well do it properly (Pic. below):

Despite the rain the day was good. One of my clients brought her own horse for a lesson in the morning and she got given a substantial homework to work on before the next session ;)
Then my regular novice rider who is getting the hang of the position malarkey so will be taking her on a hack next week as a nice break from hard work.
Kiran braved on through her 5 hours in the rain today and I'm really impressed by her determination. Took her up the biggest of our fields today and for the first time she was to ride without my constant instructions. I like to teach the riders to take responsibility for their own learning so although at the beginner/novice stage they need plenty of attention, a little challenge now and then seem to bring out the thinking rider in them.

I stayed longer today to "enjoy" more time in the rain "torturing" S. on her position before her Stage III exam. Her muscles are hating me that's for sure but results were encouraging so I hope she will keep up the good work and passes next week. If that was up to me she would be having a dozen more of lessons like that but there is no time left now.

Four days to my own exam. I am going to have to stay over the night before as there are no trains that would take me to Gloucestershire on time in the morning. Would rather have it all done and over with now!
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