Thursday, 16 July 2009

Good evening, my name is Wiola and...

...I am addicted to coaching ;)
Had one of those fantastic days when everything clicks together. Did equally well at my driving lessons, woo hoo! If only there was 365 days like that in a year...Greedy?

Pic.above: Perfect start to the day, morning hack on a prancing, bouncing TB

Today also reminded me how much I used to like teaching teenagers on own horses. I was one of the instructors on Junior show-jumping camps back in Poland and loved it. For some reason I came across too many argumentative riders after that and often avoided teaching group teenage lessons. The way those kids rode today though really made me feel like I was wrong all along. They can be really good when they want to and maybe it was just me who lost the ability to connect with that age group for some time. I'm not saying I am converted completely but it was an absolute pleasure to teach them today.

Having no breaks during a day is exhausting though and once all the running about stops the tiredness really hits.
5 days to my exam. Can't decide whether to go to Gloucestershire an evening earlier and stay overnight for an 8am start or to travel at 5am straight to the exam...?
I'm worried about my Troubled friend too, she better gets the best of news tomorrow.
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