Wednesday, 1 April 2009

You got to play the game...

I wouldn't be myself if I didn't try it on. So I chose the easiest subject, one that surely no one would fall for...
- I won the lottery - I say to a colleague while having a coffee in between my lessons. It's a beautiful morning. So warm, sunny. We're sat watching some of the staff having a training session.
- Yeah right - she says.
I keep my straightest of faces.
- Seriously. 
I can tell she considers me with some caution.
- Really? How much? 
I take a sip of coffee. Let her wait.
- A lot.
-Yeah right - she says but I know she fell for it - how much? A tenner?
- More - I say looking her straight in the eyes and sending some cheers with the coffee - Here's for my glorious future. - Jackpot.

- No you haven't!
- Yes I have.
- No you haven't!!!
- Yes I have.
She says nothing just stares at me speechless.
- I still have to go and pick it up. However - I say - what day is today?
She thinks.
- Wednesday.
- Date?
Silence. Then she laughs and screams at me ;)

Another colleague comes along. She falls for it too. I am lucky with further two. 
Oh dear ;))) April's Fool you fool.
Lots of laughter. So needed it.

Rode the chestnut youngster today, got me working hard.
Apart from normal teaching I also sat with Centre's Manager at an assessment of a lovely lady who is with us training for her PTT exam (Preliminary Teaching Test). 

She's a college lecturer and a show-jumper but her employer wants her to take the exam so she is going for it. That was a lot of fun too.
At some point I was asked to make assessment notes so off I went criticising away thinking it's just for the manager only to hear: 'Here S., notes are for you'. Oops ;)

Took my regular little people for a lesson on the grass. After the initial 'open spaces panic' they pulled their act together and rode very well. 

Then I set off back home which did feel a bit odd as I would normally go back with my friend but here we go, got to get used to new status quo.
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