Thursday, 1 November 2007

Would the teaching be more effective if we make riders think? ;)

I smirked today when reading Pammy Hutton's column in today's Horse & Hound.
She says: 'Coaching was the way forward at "A view on coaching and the power of questioning". Instead of barking commands, a gentle "so how could you improve the trot" is recommended. I tried this out the next day. "What do you think is the problem with the canter" I enquired in my best empathetic coach's voice.
"I've no idea" replied my pupil. "That's what I pay you for - to give me the answers..."


Suzie said...

That's funny - I am a school teacher and I teach pupils aged 11-18 - the age where they think they're really smart! I have come across this reaction before. You ask a question that is supposed to 'guide them to the right answer and enance the learning by letting them work it out for themselves...' and they turn round and say - 'well how am I meant to know - you haven't told me yet - you're the teacher!' It's frustrating but quite funny!

Unknown said...

You must have a patience of a saint to teach little school devils! :) Yes, it made me giggle too :)
What I find most frustrating is when children are so socialised into 'being told what to do' that if you ask them a question their very first answer is 'I don't know' - they don't even think for a second, just look for the simplest way to get out of straining their brains.
It then goes into adulthood and stops being cute and starts being idiotic.
I love trying to figure out problems and possible way of improving things by discussions with my riders. It's why I love teaching so much.

Dressage Mom said...

HA! This is funny.

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