Friday, 24 April 2009

Another 'up' day

There was an ABRS Teaching exam taking place at the centre today so everything was rather hectic. The horses looked super though and it was great to see them like this - they so deserve to be admired for all the work they put in.  

Myself had a very good day and I am rather pleased my doomy-gloomy mood stays clear (well, most of the time anyway). I am trying to think as many positive thoughts as humanly possible! 
It did help to have a very inquisitive and passionate rider on a Training Day today. She's a beginner (sort of, coming back to riding after a 20 years break...) but in the process of buying a horse so there was a lot of things to go through. Thankfully she is one of those first time buyers who also have a lot of common sense and is very committed to improvement prior the buy. 
There is way too many people who go into horse ownership as if they were buying a couple of guinea pigs - yes both animals eat grass and carrots but there is that little bit more to owning a 500kg gelding than it is to wondering where to position a piggy cage...
We chatted plenty and focused on consolidating the basics; made some plans for next sessions too so I hope to see the rider again soon.

Then I had my fab regular lady rider for two hours and considering her crazy life schedule where she basically hops on a horse straight from a plane, she is doing great. 

My Elementary and Medium laminated dressage tests arrived at the shop today so I am going to have a "read" tonight. Having just finished my non-horsey book I am now going to focus on some proper revising to my Intermediate Teaching exam in July.  

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