Sunday, 26 April 2009

Got to ride today :)

Very relaxed day today teaching my most regular riders - almost feels like going to a coffee shop and chat about training! There is something special about this little stable and I will miss it like mad when the time to go comes. 

One of my riders is still away so I schooled one of the ponies, crazy little thing that is an apple in the eye of one my riders who also works/helps at the stables. For the last few months she's been working really hard on getting the pony to work correctly as furry mare has quite a bucking record on her! 
Strict as I am I made sure there was no neck pulling in malarkey so we spent a couple of months teaching Ada the long and low way of going and seeking the bit. Once she got it her entire walk/trot work transformed including transitions. However, canter is another matter as that gait for Ada meant bucking bronco here we come. We have some rather spectacular old videos to prove that ;) 

The canter transitions finally improved but her canter was still rather bad so I was asked to pop on madam and see what I can do. Although I've been teaching P. on her for over a year I've never actually ridden her so today was the first time. 
Spent good 20 minutes just in walk making sure we have all the basics understood, then lots of trot work with plenty of transitions. She tends to go a little deep at times but when you are on her she gives a really nice, firm feel on the outside rein. I do pick her up and make her work with poll up at the highest point but she isn't really strong enough to keep going like that for 45 minutes. 
The tricky bit is that she can be quite explosive so you can't worry her too much. 
Here's a little video of her 'bad' right rein at the end of the session as I wanted to see how she looked in both trot and canter. I know we are both all over the place but believe me that canter was actually the best effort from her I've ever seen. Good pony.


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