Saturday, 4 April 2009

"Small opportunities are...

 ...often the beginning of great enterprises." says my Quote of The Day. The funny thing is, those quotes appear at random but they often seem to match my thoughts! How spooky. So I am toying with this idea of mine as have now met two people who might potentially add an interesting element to the whole thing...(yes I know I am not really saying anything but I will if/when I go for it). For now I just keep wondering what and how to make things happen. 
What is doing my head in is me wanting too many things at a time, I just have to decide to go for one of them and stick to it. Another thing is to stop getting attached to people as it's doing me no good. I've been doing pretty well for a long while so I reckon it's time to go back to old ways.

I will post work update tomorrow once I have put together pics from today's Training Day. And yes I know I still have some videos left to remix - will try to catch up with this on Monday.

What I need is an aromatic bath and a glass of wine.  
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