Thursday, 9 April 2009

Emergency Stop

- We are going to learn the emergency stop today - says my driving instructor. I am hungry as hell as didn't have breakfast and was teaching on the trot with no break. I take my driving lessons at my lunch times, how very cunning of me Not!
- OK. But you better sit tight - I say - I have to warn you, I have an above average reaction time. Which is true. I was tested when I played volleyball at school. It's way above average. It was only fair to warn him...;)

We did two emergency stops. After the first one he agreed with me as to my reaction time. After the second he said we won't have to do it again and that it was of an exam standard. Te he. At least one thing I am doing fairly well behind that blooming wheel! 

The last two days were teaching-packed. Well, sort of. On Wednesday I ran a Family Day for five fantastic people I teach in Surrey on regular basis and who came to Hall-Place for a full day of horsey fun. I took lots of pictures so will have to get some to put up on here at some point. 
And today I taught from the moment I set my foot on the yard up until the end of the day. My voice is going. 
I also managed to hit my head against a rather ridiculously positioned metal rail and gave myself a bad whiplash like injury. Still have a headache. That will teach me. I guess having a speedy reflex isn't coupled with a speedy ability to spot the hazards...hmm.
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