Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Skewbald tan, a bit of laugh and I must remember to buy sunscreen

Pics. above: Joy and Sam, Reading Uni Riding Club Riders cooling their horses down in the wood after the lesson

I didn't post yesterday as my rather down aura continued and didn't really have anything positive to say but I am feeling much better today. 
My energy was definitely on the up today and although I am way away from my true self yet at least no doom and gloom! I am feeling much more positive about the whole house move and just hoping my dearest and nearest is going to be happy too. 

At work. Apart from not riding AGAIN I had a great day. Spent most of the time doing assessments for a lady who trains for her PTT exam with us. Thankfully she's got similar sense of humour as having a good laugh at work is what I miss the most after my friend's departure. 
Even better, some of the Reading Uni riders are back so we had a good catch up and I put them through their paces on the grass. They promised to lend me their car for some driving practice next week, yahey! Hmm, hope they don't regret it ;)))

I really must remember to buy a Sunscreen! Ended the day with farmers arms and a red forehead (as didn't put my hat on in the morning). Ah, nothing like a skewbald effect - super white legs and shiny brown forearms ;) 

P.S. Interesting article I got via email today: Conformation and Function

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