Saturday, 18 April 2009

Day by Day


Misty and foggy day that you may call gloomy if you need to but was everything but. It felt like the rain was due any minute but it stayed away throughout the day. I had some super clients for the Training Day, they are my regular riders in another centre and came for a bit of intensive practice today. 

Very good, kept me on my toes and in a think tank mode. Some visual records from their experience can be found on: (scroll down to the post entitled: Sara, Katya and Maddie).


...was a mixture of - fun(surprisingly) teaching of the little kids - tiny tots, oh the joys. Included an hour with an adorable girl who loans one of the centre's pony and her friend on another pony. Almost fell over running with them in the muddy woods, ended up in mud knee high but had a good laugh. 
Then total change of climate - proper work running Training Day for a lady working towards her Stage II/III riding. 

The sun stayed with us all day. Lots of bluebells in the woods.

Pic. below: End of the day. Horses on way to the field.


I am skiving work ;) Come back tomorrow night to find out why...

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