Friday, 3 April 2009

Corporate Days and What Really Matters

Let me tell you, those Corporate Days are designed for me to have a laugh ;) I find the things people do on them rather hilarious and thankfully they also seem to think so.

For future reference, a few pointers:

- It is not a good idea to tell me you are a little nervous as I will make sure you get to know about many interesting accidents happening in the horse world. On a good note, your walking adventure will all of a sudden seem so much less stressful...
- You may want to keep to yourself the fact you would rather not trot...I will make sure you will.
- I do not do 'serious' on those days. Don't even attempt to learn to ride with me on those days. You are going to travel your bottom on your new four legged friend for an hour and that has as much to do with learning to ride as observing the behaviour of a gold fish in a tank has in common with getting ready for sharkdiving
- The demonstration you are given in the beginning of your session is for you to try to emulate what you see when it's your turn to do so. I watched the demo myself. I did not notice the demo rider rolling underneath the horse upon dismounting and then lying there motionless. It also must have escaped my attention the way of dismounting whereupon you throw yourself onto your back from a 17.2hh horse. It may indeed be spectacular but please take care of your spine. You only have one. I am sure your colleagues know you are brave anyway.
- The hat you wear was tested in a factory with relevant equipment. It is good. Has all the kite marks etc. You don't have to crash test it on trees.
- High pitched screams are NOT a signal to stop. 
- Please remember. Your Corporate Day is for us, the instructors, to have a bit of fun. Don't try to spoil it by riding too well. Feel free to make all the most ridiculous mistakes you can possibly think of. That's why you are here. It has nothing to do with team building. You are here only so we, the staff, can have a good laugh with you. 

Thank you for coming ;)))))) You were all great! 

My afternoon was spent with a lovely couple who has been trying to book lessons with me for the last 8 weeks, oops! They finally managed and so they had a lunge lesson each. The lady came to me afterwards and said: 'I want to give you a hug, I enjoyed myself so much and learnt so much'. It was a pleasure to teach them. 

Then my brother phoned and we had a good giggle as we always do. And now I've just gotten off the phone after spending over an hour on chatting to my mum and dad. 
And here is what I think: life is great...but only if you share it with people you really really care about. It may have been a lovely day today but I miss working with my Friend. It may be super that Mr. Bell invented the phone but it's no true substitute for popping for a coffee with my mum. 
Agrh, life annoys me sometimes. Saddens me and makes me feel so helpless. 
So, if you parents are around give them a hug, they won't be here forever. If you work with people who you know no one will be able to replace, enjoy the moments before they are gone. 

Now, on a totally different note, I MUST remember to write Easter cards or my mum and gran will be on my back ;) 

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