Monday, 6 April 2009

Can't decide

There are estimated 6.77 billion people in the world. If you happen to meet in your fairly short life a few you feel real connection with does it mean you are amazingly lucky? Or have you made the right choices for the right reasons and that has brought you to the places you were meant to be...?

Can't decide whether to kill my friend for leaving or to let her get away with it...I guess it will have to be the latter so we can at least see each other on those rare occasions when we both have the time. 
Well, had a lovely day today, first chatting to estate agents (who are quite confident they will find us something suitable) and then stuffing myself silly with some lovely food in the company of the aforementioned dear friend. 
I am so missing seeing her at work more often. That sucks. 

Oh well. There are times in life when you have to be on the right side and lose. If life experiences are anything to go by I should certainly have a good practice. 

Now time to try to put more of those training pics and videos together.    
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