Sunday, 12 April 2009

About stuffing myself with chocolate and about the Dyngus Day

I ate more chocolate today than in the past few months. Feel a bit overchocolated (am I allowed to make words up?). My fab clients and people I work with will be blamed as they gave me all those chocolate Easter eggs. If I end up morbidly obese I will know who to address my complaints to. 

Pic. below: Wendy and Nevada. What do I buy as a birthday present to a person who is totally besotted with a horse? Well, I buy her a present for that horse of course... Here's Wendy trying her birthday pressie on ;)

It's been a very easy day today. I taught all my usual lessons, ponies behaved and no one ended up biting the dust. I am especially pleased one of my young riders is fine after having had a rather painful fall a few days ago. 


Easter is making me think about my family. If I was there we would have a big breakfast this morning, some telly watching, some chatting, some arguing with my brother over something absurdly silly. The dog would be told not to rest his head on the table but he would do it anyway.
Tomorrow it's a Dyngus Day in Poland 

"Barely had the day dawned on Easter Monday when I woke the boys and gathered some water to start throwing it on the girls. Up with the Piwezyny! (eiderdown)! There was screaming, shouting, and confusion. The girls are shrieking and hollering, but in their hearts they are glad because they know that she who isn't gotten wet will not be married that year. And the more they are annoyed, the more we dump water on them calling, Dyngus – Smigus! Then we had to change our clothes because there wasn't a dry thread on the girls and we boys were not better off.
The spirit of Poland’s Dyngus is captured in this description from the Poznan region during 1800s" 

You basically spend entire day pouring buckets of water at everybody around. A few years ago I was at my parents house and my brother woke me up, carried me to the bathroom and then dropped me into bath full of cold water. Pyjamas and dreams the lot. As you do. Of course he didn't keep his clothes very dry for long after that! It's a lot of fun ;) I do miss it.


My dear friend never fails to make me laugh. Talented person.

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