Sunday, 4 November 2007

Reading This Week

Some time ago I asked my friend who lives in the US to buy me something I have spotted on the Internet. It was a programme of Pilates based exercises but designed specifically for the equestrian use. The programme is called Equilates Stretch Workout and although I haven't been very thorough when doing the exercises (read: I was too lazy to do it regularly) I must say it made me feel very supple and flexible once I did!
Pilates helped me enormously when battling with weakness in my leg due to the injured knee many years ago so I am familiar with the concept and benefits.


A stretch workout designed by Betsy Steiner specifically for riders, focusing not only on flexibility but also on core strength & stability. Includes Equilates tips from Betsy. Easy to incorporate into your daily routine at home or at the barn. The kit comes with an EquiStretch band, detailed descriptions & stick figures of each exercise.

Also available with Teaching Guide (In the Teaching Guide, Betsy gives additional tips about how to teach & perform the stretching exercises to achieve the maximum benefit for riders.)

As I am on my quest for better dressage riding I am pretty determined to do the exercises throughout the winter and hopefully see some improvement in my posture and later, the way of going of the horses.

This week I am reading Betsy Steiner's book: 'A Gymnastic Riding System Using Mind, Body and Spirit - A Progressive Training For the Horse and Rider'.
Link above allows you to browse the book.



Beckz said...

I have been doing a class which is a mixture of pilates, tai chi and yoga and it really helped my riding strength and posture. As well as releasing my hips so I could fit round Freds barrel. It definitely was the best exercise I have done for riding.

Rising Rainbow said...

I could definitely use some excercise to help with my riding, this looks interesting. Thanks for the tip.

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