Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Day 62: Finally fixing newsletters trouble, selfies, admin extravaganza and an advice please...

After a couple of months of trying to solve the issue with my newsletters application, I have finally fixed it! I have managed to send one today but I do have another "issue" with this whole newsletter story.
The content. I have several ideas for it but none that I am currently wild about. As probably many of you, I sign up for various updates from numerous websites but I am yet to read one that makes me think "ohh can't wait for it to arrive"...

So that's when I need your advice...whether you have already seen Aspire's newsletters or not, what would you generally like to see in your horse/coaching related email subscriptions?
What do you look for in newsletters that you do sign up to?

I would really appreciate your views and ideas here.

Now, ever since my dear Mum discovered a concept of a "selfie" she likes to ask me for one - often. I don't really get this whole selfie craze but I try to keep her happy and snap one a month or so. Today, I sent her about ten various funny ones plus some "oh look I am still alive and doing ok" ones ;)

Sending you all a virtual smile.

These were taken in the morning before my admin marathon today so I look reasonably awake!
A few more emails left to reply but they will have to wait until tomorrow. I am signing off today to catch up with some offline reading and make a few notes for Saturday's lessons as won't have the time for this before the weekend.

Until tomorrow,

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