Saturday, 21 March 2015

Day 79 & 80: A little plug for friend's Kickstarter project :)

If there have ever been a question of a little lady wizard actually existing, this girl was it. All gangly, 14 years old, always with a black cat under her arm or on her shoulder, singing something quietly, face almost entirely hidden under impossible amount of long, wavy dark hair.

Dreamy to the point of oblivion and driving us all slightly up the trees with it, nevertheless somehow managing to muck out some stables in between cat stroking, lead ponies for me surviving numerous tripping and out of breath breaks. Rarely complaining much, just gliding around the yard with her seemingly several meters long limbs giving her an impression of something between incredible laziness and wizard-y elegance.

That's how I remember Angela Tong's first months at a lovely little yard we both worked together from around 2009 to summer 2012. And look at her now - a real wizard lady :)

Although I will reveal she is still slightly crazy like the rest of the yard team ;)

September 2014. Driving little toy cars as you do. Myself on the pink one, Angie on the red one ;) 
Now dear lovely readers, do check this Kickstarter project Angela is involved in...and maybe support it if you like it :)

My own love of illustrations started with Thorgal 
- his adventures were my absolute obsession from age 10....onwards;)

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