Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Day 90: Notes

The best train journey companions have voices that blend well with the comforting humming of the engines. Anything that rises well above seems distracting and intrusive. Even though I travel every day, the engines competing voices can still take me by surprise. How interesting that a few people chatting somewhat at the same volume can sound so differently. Do we hear different voices differently? Are we wired to be annoyed with certain frequencies more so than others?

My today's neighbour has just the perfect combination of blurry with mixing and even though he blubbers on the phone non stop for entire 56 minutes that we share adjacent seats, he simply adds a few low notes to the friendly hum of the wheels of the First Great Western's.

London welcomes me with cheeky sunshine, its warmth cancelled out by strong, cold wind. The clones of SuperDry armies everywhere. That company must be hitting some serious sales targets ;)

The training goes very well, loving the rider's progress and the way her loan mare responds to tiny updates in posture, reactions, suppleness, awareness.

Then afternoon brainstorming my big project and wondering where will it take us :)

And evening - like this...end of month admin joy :)

Until tomorrow!
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