Sunday, 15 March 2015

Day 73 & 74: Working weekend, teacups and corners

These are no ordinary tea cups and this is not an ordinary walk with two cups of tea. This is a rider on my simulator/rider improvement session skipping along with two cups full of water building her awareness of what happens with her arms when her legs and hips canter ;)

Off-horse exercises are such fun, easy yet powerful way to build awareness and improve specific riding skills. There is a possibly very exciting little project coming up in my little head quarters in cooperation with another overseas professional covering this area of rider training so I really hope it goes ahead. Once I have some concrete information I will be blogging about it straight away.

The weekend training theme was outside aids control, self-carriage and corners. I chose to use a very simple exercise that help riders on both Foundation and Development programmes and it worked very well as even riders starting to understand the aids better and riders who compete regularly were both challenged and able to build feel, awareness and effectiveness. Love simple exercises that bring multitude of benefits.

All you need is two poles and you are ready to go :)
If you would like full description of the exercise let me know and I will cover it on Aspire blog.

Until tomorrow!

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