Thursday, 12 March 2015

Day 71: Green outside windows, chiropractic addition and teaching exams

Morning in Berkshire countryside :) The green is as green as it looks especially when the sun comes out and highlights the colours. It was supposed to rain today but thankfully, as many a time, the weather forecast was very much wrong.

Very interesting morning teaching a new client, a human chiropractor who is adding equine chiropractic to his skills and wants to learn to ride. Having a huge interest in biomechanics of movement I really enjoy working with other sports professionals, a very good challenge and a learning experience in its own rights.

Riding instruction as a whole is very imprecise, often contradictory to how our body is able to learn movement. It's always been a curiosity of mine as to why BHS teaching exams don't include human physiology beyond the very basics of how the rider should look on the horse. I don't believe riding instructors are incapable of learning a little more about joint function, spine care, musculo-skeletal movement patterns.

For those of you who aren't familiar with British Horse Society examination system, here is a syllabus of Diploma in BHS Intermediate Teaching of Horse Riding (to give you an idea - this diploma prepares you for teaching riders to a level that huge amounts of amateur riders never go above of: affiliated - Elementary level Dressage, Eventing to BE100 and Show Jumping to BS Discovery - 1m.

It's curious, don't you think, that there is not a single unit about human physiology, movement, postural issues etc ?
The syllabus hasn't changed much since I took the exam in 2009.

How does it look in your country?

Until tomorrow!

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